Издана книга «Charcoal`s adventures or dragon`s fairy tales»

oblojka-charcoal's-adventures-DemidovaАвтор: Alisa Demidova

Издательство: izdat-knigu.ru, 2014

ISBN: 9781771920643



This world is not so simple, as we would sometimes wish, as well as not so complicated as from time to time it seems to be. I definitely know that dreams come true, miracles happen and among the humdrums there is a place to the unusual.

Charcoal also knows this simple truth. Travelling across the Universe he finds out friends in its each corner. Responsive and kind Dragon is always ready for a new and unknown. He is newer bored because of his passion to life.

In this fairy tale Charcoal shares his simple and clear thoughts that will be useful on any planet.

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